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Same-sex marriage row harming churches

MOST politicians will tell you that, if you try to win an argument in a room and both sides of the argument resonate with a certain truth, the room will divide into two factions with usually near-equal support. So it could be with same-sex marriage.

It could transpire that the opposition to this type of marriage, coming as it does from a 'Biblical' background, is setting up the churches for a fall.

Their arguments could result in a largely equal division in society.

When seen in the context of other equally divisive issues, that approach could lead to very serious division in society and, ultimately, seriously damage the churches themselves. What may also happen in this struggle to legitimise same-sex marriage is that there is a significant growth in gay activity.

This would defeat the whole purpose of the unionist and church-inspired opposition.

Would it be too much to ask that a little bit of compassion and understanding is shown to gay people and that they are allowed to live their lives in peace?

Even if the Church wins the debate in the short-term, the damage done in the longer-term could be very serious.


John O'Connell


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