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Sammy must stamp out this waste of space

The Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO) confirmed this week that Sammy Wilson is the 'waste of space' minister.

The NIAO's latest report reveals that, in Northern Ireland central government departments, there is, on average, 50% more floor-space-per-employee than is required in England.

If the Department of Finance and Personnel's property division was to reduce this figure by 5%-per-year, it would save an estimated £17m.

The auditor general also notes that DFP and other departments are not working together properly to achieve efficiencies.

Every NIAO report reveals similar failings: a lack of co-ordination between Executive departments and a lack of ambitious targets to save money.

These problems are proliferating on Sammy Wilson's watch. When will the minister take responsibility to stamp out the culture of waste and inefficiency which his department has overseen?


NI Conservatives

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