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Sammy Wilson attacked over Tesco Tax

As a member of a party which has broken just about every election pledge it made - university fees, child benefit etc - I'm surprised Mr Armstrong of the NI Conservatives has the gall to criticise anyone! Perhaps his time would be better spent cleaning all the windows in his glass house instead of chucking stones at others?


If the NI Conservative needs an example of lack of economic expertise he need look no further than his parent party. As far as pumping money into the Civil Service I assume he means the same civil servants that have had no pay rise for four years as opposed to managing directors. I do agree, though, that hitting the big stores is not the answer.


Indeed it's almost comical. A man representing a party that has just imposed £500 a year in extra tax on families with children, while cutting tax for multi-millionaires, has the cheek to lecture anybody else on economic competence.


We don't really need any more giant supermarkets, so if it puts them off well and good. Funny that the NI Conservatives are calling for reduced Corporation Tax when the main benefactor of that will be big business (including the banks and businesses that are already here).


I have never understood how a supermarket is going to create any net jobs. Are we going to buy more bread, washing powder and sausages because a new supermarket opens up? Unless we do how can there be anything other than a transfer of jobs from the stores where we previously bought the bread, washing powder and sausages to the supermarkets?



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