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Sammy Wilson proof the DUP can be wrong

RECENT focus on Sammy Wilson's "thug" comment rightly drew attention to his unbecoming behaviour, but an element which emerged and which requires comment is his treatment of councillor Jenny Palmer.

In the Commissioner of Standards report is the transcript of his interview with Mr Wilson. His belligerence and attempt to bully the commissioner was striking in itself, but his depiction of cllr Palmer as a "dodgy witness" was beyond the Pale.

Of all the witnesses the DSD committee heard from, cllr Palmer was the most straightforward and patently honest. To describe her as "dodgy" is preposterous and a blatant attempt at character assassination.

Cllr Palmer is now owed two apologies from the DUP. First for her treatment by Stephen Brimstone and now from Mr Wilson.

Sadly, however, the DUP does not do "sorry", because it thinks it is never wrong. How wrong it is.


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