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Sammy's large retail levy adds insult to injury

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson has said that a levy on large stores is to go ahead, but at a reduced rate of 15%.

So Sammy got his way, but when the electorate has to pay the extra for their goods, they can blame him, because these retailers will pay the levy, but will pass it on to the consumer.

I live in Carrickfergus and have seen the decrease in traders in the town. I asked two traders why they closed, or were closing.

In response, they said it was not because of the supermarkets - it was because the local DUP-controlled council rates were too high.

Secondly, the 'Red Brigades' - ie traffic wardens. People went elsewhere to park at ease.

I know somebody who wanted to start a business, but said the rates were too high.

So, the result of Sammy's 15% increase? An increase in cost to the consumer and possible loss of employment for others.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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