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Sammy's office talk is literally a waste of space

In his letter of November 19 Sammy Wilson is hiding his head in waste.

As usual he likes to talk about what he has done and not what he could have done.

He has picked out sections of the audit report which note that he has saved some space but that is only scratching the surface.

It is therefore no wonder that he wishes to down play those points that point out the massive potential for what he could have done.

The facts are that his department is over-spending and that savings of over £17m could have been made in only the Property Division had a start been made earlier to seriously attack the problem, as in Great Britain, where they have already saved £800m.

These offices in Northern Ireland are 50% larger for each member of staff than those in a similar position in England and there is little attempt being made to share offices.

He also seems to confuse revenue and capital spending.

Just because capital was spent unwisely in the past does not mean he needs to continue with excess revenue spending in the present to justify it. So he can try to avoid the awkward facts and attack the messenger, but taxpayers know when he is wasting their money needlessly.

He needs to act immediately to reduce this needless waste of space and not wait for another five years.

Harry Cullen

East Londonderry Conservatives

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