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Scaremongering over Europe not backed by facts

Economist Alan Bridle (March 5) makes a serious assertion based on flawed assumptions.

He alleges that Northern Ireland could lose out if the UK leaves the EU. He cites losing £300m for agriculture under the Common Agriculture Policy. Scaremongering the size of the once-EU milk lakes. (Remember them?)

He goes further with the "could" scenario when suggesting it "could" impact on our attractiveness to US foreign investors by leaving the EU.

I like Mr Bridle's humour, however. Like so many Europhiles, he gives no substantive facts to back up his assumptions.

Europe costs us £55m a day. A vast waste of money, which serves to hamper competitiveness and drive down wages.

Think of the better ways, Mr Bridle, that British people could spend our own money.

As neither of us gamble, I'll wager him an apology when he proves to me that our farmers will be out of pocket when we leave the EU.


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