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Schizophrenia claims cannot be substantiated

Recent media coverage on schizophrenia has attempted to link it to smoking. It was reported in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal that smoking cigarettes might increase people's risk of psychosis, say researchers who believe tobacco, as well as cannabis, could play a part in causing schizophrenia.

Note the terms "might" and "believe" in relation to the claim. It is just another example of psychiatrists trying to understand what is going on when the real problem surrounding schizophrenia is the complete absence of objective proof that it exists as a physical brain abnormality.

There can be no doubt that people do experience problems and upsets in life that may result in mental troubles, sometimes very serious.

But to suggest these troubles are caused by incurable "brain diseases" that can only be alleviated by dangerous drugs is dishonest, harmful and often deadly.

In practice, there is abundant evidence that real physical illness, with real pathology, can seriously affect an individual's mental state and behaviour.

Yet psychiatry completely ignores this weight of scientific evidence, preferring to assign all blame to illnesses and supposed "chemical imbalances" in the brain that have never been proven to exist.

Rather than returning the patient to good health, and completely ignorant of what they are dealing with, psychiatrists simply prefer the expedient approach of "throwing a hand grenade into a switchboard to fix it".


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