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School inspection stories inaccurate

I am writing in relation to articles about Campbell College in your paper on March 24, page one ("Top Belfast grammar is damned by inspectors") and page five ("Campbell College needs outside help to improve standards, critical inspection finds").

Both stories were inaccurate. This is disappointing, given the contact with your paper ahead of the articles being published.

The ETI provided a response, setting out the findings of the report. In addition, the inspection report is in the public domain. It is concerning that the Belfast Telegraph could publish a story that was so misleading, inaccurate and devoid of journalistic standards. I would ask the Belfast Telegraph to reflect on the coverage of school inspections and the adverse impact misleading coverage can have.

The ETI's focus is to promote improvement and to encourage schools to find ways to address any areas for improvement. NOELLE BUICK

Chief inspector, Education and Training Inspectorate

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