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School integration vital to our future

While our political leaders are congratulating themselves on producing their "Fresh Start" document, they should stop to think of what they should have started years ago.

The 1998 Agreement encouraged integrated education and mixed housing.

Years later we are still a divided, sectarian and racist society; proposals for shared schools will just mean children spending occasional time together and emphasise their differences.

Only integrated schools enable children of every background to learn and play together on a daily basis as the norm.

Lagan College has been the most over-subscribed school in Northern Ireland.

There were 423 first preference applications for 200 places. Many integrated primary schools are over-subscribed. There is a demand from parents for integrated education, but the minister for education delays progress.

Allowing undersubscribed controlled and maintained schools to transform to integrated status makes economic sense, as well as being the best route towards a better society for us all.

Margaret Marshall

By email

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