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Science explains the wonders of the Earth

Norman Campbell, as usual, leaps to the defence of the indefensible (Write Back, November 14), although, unwittingly, he has proven my original assertions (Write Back, November 8).

He implies there is an argument for "The Flood" by asking why fossils of sea creatures are found in rocks that are now above sea level.

Those that accept pseudo-science as real science should acquaint themselves with the concept of plate tectonics, which will give them an insight into why rocks that were part of an ancient sea-floor now find themselves at altitude.

As for tracing an ancestry back to the "Ark survivors", there is sufficient DNA evidence to show that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors coming out of Africa.

All that is required is to open our eyes to the wealth of information about the antiquity of the Earth and the forces that made it as it is.

The story is wonderful, but there is no supernatural component to it.


Newtownards, Co Down

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