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Scientific evidence does exist about Flood

It is sad that, when a person's arguments are weak, they have to revert to ridicule. Beagle (Write Back, November 8) describes belief in the Bible's record of the Flood as being "childish delusions". He/she goes on to talk about "mental gymnastics", "pseudo-science" and "ardent believers".

There is much scientific evidence of a worldwide Flood. Fossils of sea creatures are found in rock layers on every continent and many of these are in rocks which are more than a mile above sea level. How did they get there? And don't forget that the world's pre-Flood geography was vastly different from the present.

Around 300 people groups all over the world have their own versions of Flood stories. This is hardly surprising, since everyone can trace their ancestry back to those who were onboard the Ark.

The old proverb is right: there are none so blind as those who will not see.


Bangor, Co Down

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