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Scientists see signs of global cooling

I notice some medical experts are alarmed that global warming may have an effect on health.

I am not a medical expert, but I am a scientist dealing in climate facts - not suppositions.

The four major global temperature-tracking outlets (Hadley UK, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, University of Alabama-Huntsville and Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa) have released updated information showing 2007 global cooling, ranging from 0.65C to 0.75C, a value which is large enough to erase nearly all the global-warming recorded over the last 100 years. This occurred in a single year (click

In addition, the alarm of some people over the Arctic ice-caps is misplaced.

In the Arctic, some 10 million square kilometres of sea ice melts each summer.

Each September, the Arctic starts to freeze again.

The extent of the ice now is 500,000 sq km greater than it was this time last year, which was in turn 500,000 sq km more than in September 2007.

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By April next year, after months of darkness, it will be back up to 14m sq km or more.

As regards Antartica and Greenland, most of their ice sheets are growing, rather than shrinking.


Director, Independent Climate Research Group, Bangor


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