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Scots are being offered bribery or punishment

THE whole world must be amazed at the antics of the campaign to stop Scotland from becoming an independent nation.

The "quiet revolution" of Scots speaking out for freedom from the old imperialism of London rule will continue until independence has been achieved.

A simple analogy that those who wish to retain the UK use often is that of the family, and the fear of it breaking up if Scotland gains her independence.

What is never mentioned is that there are very few families that are not broken, either because of sibling rivalry or outside influences.

Often the head of the family, who claims to know best, will try and quell the problem with punishment or bribery. This is exactly how Scots are being treated.

It is time for Scots to leave the nest and, given time, things will settle as an independent Scotland finds its way back into the world's family of nations as an equal.


Anstruther, Fife

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