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Scots must fear consequences of voting No

THE No campaigners in the Scottish referendum are trying to scare people into voting for them. The people of Scotland need to think of how even more scary the consequences are of a No vote. The No campaign's frontman, Alistair Darling, may be likeable and cuddly but, like pandas, he can't deliver.

Scotland has a tradition of liberalism, social justice, belief in education, and Europeanism. The consequence of voting No is to permanently shackle the Scots to an increasingly illiberal, intolerant, Right-wing, south-east-England-dominated agenda.

The Tories are being dragged into an increasingly reactionary and austere stance behind a Ukip-driven handcart. The values of Ukip and the majority of the Tory Party in England are anathema to those that Scotland has been proud to promote for many years.


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