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Scots tired of Right-wingers bullying them

Having Scots ancestry, I would be very sad to see Scotland leave the United Kingdom. However, I fear that the present Right-wing Government in Westminster may very well force Scotland to leave the Union.

As many have pointed out, old historical alliances are of lesser importance in a rapidly changing world. Hard-headed realpolitik is the driving force in world and local politics at the moment.

As the Scots see it, the UK means essentially being bossed around by Right-wing southern English public schoolboys.

Why should they put up with this when they are already treated as an important region in their own right in the European Union?

Like Slovakia, which broke from Czechoslovakia, they can easily assert their own national identity within the EU. They do not need to join the euro. Or they could opt out of the EU completely and be like Norway, which seems to manage fine on its own.




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