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Scottish are very capable of making decisions

THERE are a lot of English commentators warning how things will go wrong if Scotland leaves the UK. They deny acting out of self-interest alone, but stress the need to give good advice to prevent the Scots from making a terrible mistake.

What makes them so sure? How do they know better?

There appears an incredible assumption that the Scots themselves might be neglecting to inform themselves properly.

Really? Who is going to be more careful to inform themselves of such matters than the Scots themselves? To me, it just seems as if the English are unashamedly thinking of themselves and their identity as creator and leader of the UK (not merely member of the UK).

Why haven't they been more honest? They could have said that, while they (as no one can) have no clue whether Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland will prosper, or fail, after such a split, they would really like to remain together.

To have full autonomy would, no doubt, be a great thing for Scotland – as with that freedom would also come the ability to work as an independent partner to England and the UK in all the matters it can be helpful for both to do so.

If, that is, the former UK doesn't act like a begrudging ex-partner, refusing to bury the hatchet and unable to move on and mature into its new position in this relationship.


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