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Scottish Independence: Irish example shows independence works well

THE Scots are surely privileged to have the Westminster elite pounding their streets offering them everything their hearts might desire if they'll only vote No in the referendum, which is reminiscent of a joke where a man offers to buy his wife a fur coat if only she will succumb to his wishes?

Westminster has had decades to deliver on these promises, but has steadfastly refused to do so.

Consider also that, despite unanimity among the Executive that corporation taxation should be devolved to Stormont, Westminster has refused because Northern Ireland might win the odd battle for inward investment.

David Cameron pleads with Scots not to "break up this family of nations". But the Irish Republic left the UK decades ago and yet it is still a member of the union and our family of nations, i.e. the European Union. Once Great Britain (Scotland, Wales and England) joined the EU, then the UK became superfluous.

Furthermore, the Republic has no vast oil reserves and yet its economic growth equals or exceeds that of the UK, and this is despite the Republic being within the eurozone.

If the Irish can manage their economy as well as, if not better than, Westminster, then what impediment would stop the Scots from doing the same?

Are the Better Together campaigners really arguing that the Irish are a superior race to their brothers and sisters living in Scotland? How dare they?

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