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SDLP has sold out its principles on abortion


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

It is disturbing and disappointing that the SDLP has suspended three councillors who recently abstained from a Green Party motion alleging women visiting abortion advice clinics were harassed by pro-life supporters.

How can the SDLP, which claims to be a pro-life party, justify this decision, effectively denying these councillors freedom of conscience?

The pro-life supporters who protest outside these clinics are there to remind people there are two lives involved in every pregnancy, and the mother and her unborn child have an equal right to life.

It looks as if the SDLP is trying to water down the strong pro-life position the party traditionally held in order to look trendy and attract more votes.

In reality, people actually have more respect for political parties that take a proper, principled stance on issues like abortion, rather than parties who yield to every fashion that looks trendy. People are more likely to vote for parties that keep to their principles.

The SDLP should return to its original, principled pro-life position, which affirmed the sanctity of life and the right to life of the mother and unborn child.


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