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SDLP inspired Remembrance Day changes

I WISH to challenge the comments made by Gail Walker about the SDLP in Belfast (DebateNI, September 24).

With a little research, she would have quickly understood it is the SDLP which has shown positive leadership by participating fully in the annual Somme and Remembrance Sunday commemorations.

Unlike Sinn Fein, we attend Remembrance services in a spirit of dignity and humility to pay our respects to the thousands of men and women across Ireland who fought and died together.

The SDLP has taken bold steps to enhance these commemorations. SDLP councillor Pat McCarthy proposed the motion in 2012 which extended an historic invitation to the Irish government to attend the Remembrance Day services. Sinn Fein was the only party not to support the invitation.

The SDLP may have our own aspirations and traditions, but we recognise the view of ourselves, others and of future changes with time. We must be able to bow to the past, but not be bound by it.


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