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SDLP is lacking in policy and moral principles

AS a daily reader of your newspaper and a senior citizen, I realise the part played by papers in forming political opinions.

I congratulate you on catering for the younger generation who largely only know the causes espoused in popular opinion, such as the modern view of the improvements in the part played by women and issues of 'equality'.

I think, perhaps, you forget that the older people who read your daily editorials feel that there is no place for proper coverage of their views, based on their real-life experience. This is especially true of recent coverage of the SDLP part in the debate and parliamentary vote in the name of equality.

It seems the SDLP has no policy at present and is prepared to barter moral principles for votes. On this issue, they may not count on my support at any forthcoming election. It seems their policy is only in reaction to the current policy of parties who rival them for votes – not on the moral principles of their supporters.



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