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SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie to stand down

Let's hope the SDLP take their time and pick the right person to lead them. Onwards and upwards.


I can't see the SDLP ever rising to beat Sinn Fein, no matter who is in charge. They will inevitably go the way of the UUP and become largely irrelevant. Sinn Fein and the DUP are both top dogs. There just isn't room for the other two political parties.

TJ McClean

TJ McClean: still, it's because they are, as you say, top dogs that they are too comfortable to put themselves out. We need opposition parties to rattle both their cages - if not UUP and SDLP, then some other parties.


Did anyone hear her interview on BBC radio? She pretty much said you couldn't be party leader and MP, because they are both all-encompassing jobs. What is she suggesting? That future party leaders should be unelected? Confused statements like that are symptomatic of the problems throughout her leadership. Mind you, Patsy McGlone was on the radio and wasn't very impressive - same rhetoric, no identifiable policies. There is considerable demand for a strong nationalist alternative to Sinn Fein, but any leadership candidate needs to present policies or the SDLP will continue to disappear.


Party leader is an internal party job. And I think it is a very good idea to have a manager, or chief executive, of a party. The Alliance has one.


Now if we can only get the rest of these fools to step down, the country may have a chance. Though, in saying that, I suppose it's the voters who got us into this mess by electing people with no interest in the country.


She really never was up to the job. A very ordinary politician, more suited to council work.


A very pragmatic decision by Ms Ritchie. The SDLP needs a strong and charismatic leader who will transform the party into a serious alternative to Sinn Fein. I don't see such a person, but maybe there is someone lurking in the background.



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