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SDLP leads in march to unity

What is it about Sinn Fein writers like Dale Moore (Belfast Telegraph, November 12) that they cannot recognise the right of unionists to vote for whoever they like whether it be the SDLP or any other party.

For people like Dale, equality has become just another soundbite. Sounds good on the airwaves but difficult when people exercise their right to vote for a party other than Sinn Fein.

Dale seems so preoccupied with the SDLP that he seems to forget that it will take the votes of those unionists to achieve a united Ireland, a fact enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement that, according to Dale, ‘Sinn Fein negotiated'.

So rather than leading the SDLP into oblivion it would appear that Margaret Ritchie is leading her party closer to a united Ireland than Gerry Adams, who is only leading himself and his party further into the electoral mire in the Republic.

Furthermore, Dale is so obsessed with the SDLP and the fact that the work of John Hume and Mark Durkan was instrumental in securing the Saville Inquiry that it escapes his mind that Martin McGuinness refused to divulge what he was doing in Derry on Bloody Sunday when he appeared before the Saville Tribunal.

But then Martin, as Jonathan Powell points out, never thought the inquiry was necessary, did he?



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