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SDLP plan lacks regard for voters

Alasdair McDonnell says that the SDLP will rotate its Executive ministry every 18 months, in order to strengthen the party. His plan shows startling disregard for the people of Northern Ireland. Voters are entitled to expect ministers who are picked on merit.

The chief priority for any party should be to ensure that the right person is nominated for the job.

Instead McDonnell proposes to use the Executive table as a kind of training programme for SDLP representatives and as a sop to keep various personalities happy.

In contrast, the new Northern Irish Conservative party, which will be constituted over the next months, will always put the interests of the people of Northern Ireland over the interests of the party.

We'll offer a common-sense, issue-focused alternative to the current parties and the self-centred approach which Alasdair McDonnell's latest plans encapsulate.

David Symington

Northern Ireland Conservatives.


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