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SDLP should come clean on its unionism

AT the recent SDLP conference, party leader Alasdair McDonnell expressed his desire to be attractive to middle-class unionists.

The SDLP's recent history highlights how much it has abandoned its nationalist credentials to secure unionist votes.

First, they join forces with the TUV in abandoning equality and voting for the Spad Bill.

They announced a hierarchy of victims that relegated the victims of state violence to the bottom of their pecking-order.

They supported the DUP in opposing the proposal that the common funding policy should be allocated on social-need, by agreeing a 50%/50% split – even though 80% of deprived areas are nationalist.

They abandoned the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty by joining with the UUP in supporting a motion condemning Gerry Adams.

Well, Alasdair, you may well get your wish that the SDLP become more attractive to middle-class unionists because you have changed it into a unionist party.

You should do the decent thing and redesignate yourselves as unionists in the Assembly and stop living a lie.



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