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SDLP wrong in its portrayal of McDevitt

LISTENING to SDLP representatives react to Conall McDevitt's resignation, every last one of them stated that Conall had set the highest standards possible in public life, as if he was leaving it as a matter of personal integrity because of wrong-doing in the political system.

Maybe I missed something, but I thought the reason he had to resign was because he failed to meet the standards expected as a public representative and failed to declare several incidents where taxpayers' and private monies were directed into family accounts without declaring it to the Assembly.

It took three years for Conall to realise that he hadn't declared these monies and only after a media investigation into his financial affairs.

This was not the action of someone full of virtue and moral conscience.

However, the SDLP is attempting to portray his resignation as a moral victory for political openness, which couldn't be further from the truth.

But if these are the high standards that the SDLP strives to attain, then is it any wonder that more and more voters are moving away from a party that can see no problem with nepotism and lining their own pockets?


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