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SDLP wrong to back Sinn Fein's marriage stance

A majority is not always right in matters of truth, which does not always win when numbers alone become decisive. Numbers can decide a matter of taste, such as a beauty contest.

However, right remains right if nobody is right and wrong remains wrong when everyone is wrong.

To legislate without regard for this common understanding of truth, as it applies to moral and natural law - especially truth pertaining to marriage - is wrong.

Even in pagan and primitive societies, marriage was, and still is, regarded as "res sacra" - an exclusive contract between a man and a woman to live together as husband and wife. Imitative contacts between same-sex couples can never truthfully be defined as "marriage".

The SDLP was wrong when a majority of its MLAs (eight out of 14) opted to support Sinn Fein's proposal to legislate for a false definition of marriage.

The party leadership then compounded the error, denying all its other elected representatives their right to a "conscience vote" against.

As Daniel O'Connell said: "There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong."

The logic of this is that, when a political party loses its moral sense, it has begun to vote itself right out of democratic politics.



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