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SDLP's attitude towards links with UK disappoints

Recently SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell stated that the DUP did not want a "Taig" about the place.

Before he uttered this he should have looked at the mote in his own eye, as it seems to me that his party does not want any vestige of our links to the UK around the place either.

For example, his party members have voted with Sinn Fein to have Irish as the dominant and English the lesser language on paperwork and street signs in the councils which they control.

They also voted with Sinn Fein to ban the poppy and replace with .net in the same councils' email addresses.

He and his elected members always refer to our country as the "North of Ireland", instead of the internationally recognised "Northern Ireland", which is also the title in the Good Friday Agreement.

This constant use of the "North of Ireland" is deliberate, sectarian and designed to offend those who want to stay in the UK.

One of his ministers, Mark H Durkan MLA, unilaterally used his powers to make the deeply offensive decision to deny us the right to have our national flag on our driving licences.

This perverse, twisted decision is costing us dearly, as the initial fee and renewal fee are far greater than on the mainland.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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