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SDLP's criticism over road cash is simply bizarre

THE £250m allocated by the Executive in the Budget to upgrade the road from Derry to Belfast was warmly received by most people.

The response of the SDLP locally, however, was not only predictably negative but entirely inane - demanding to know where the money is coming from and where it will be spent.

Now, I'm not an economist, but having read the announcement, perhaps I can help clear up the confusion. The money is coming from the Executive's capital programme, and it will be spent on the road from Derry to Belfast.

Unfortunately, the SDLP is so stuck in negativity that it is now criticising even the most positive initiatives by the Executive, which includes an SDLP member.

But the most bizarre element of this criticism is that the SDLP minister in the Executive actually voted against this Budget, against the £250m allocation to the A6, against funding for the long-delayed A5 and against extra funding for health.

Go figure.


MLA for East Londonderry

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