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SDLP's decision on Tories did not reflect my vote

I am very concerned that the Conservative Party does not represent the will of the people of the UK. I was appalled to learn that the SDLP was blithely announcing that, in the event of an undecided outcome in the elections, they would not rule out throwing in their lot with the Conservatives.

I voted for the SDLP because they are the nearest that I can get to being allowed to vote Labour. I know that most political parties here are conservative with a small "c", but the SDLP is, effectively, the "Labour Party of Northern Ireland".

I want my vote to be a true reflection of my political will. I vote Labour. I most categorically did not vote Conservative.

To represent my mandate in any other sense is an out-and-out constitutional fraud, no matter how casually effected. Electoral fraud is a crime. It should be dealt with as a criminal issue. It is a constitutional issue and should be properly investigated by legal, constitutional processes.


Omagh, Co Tyrone

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