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SDLP's historic steps towards a shared future

Radio Ulster's Sunday Sequence (June 13) was about lack of progress towards a shared future. The panellists were Dr Norman Hamilton, Duncan Morrow, Martina Anderson and Nelson Mc Causland.

While preaching commitment to sharing, Martina and Nelson respectively fixed separate blame on the DUP and Sinn Fein.

Neither mentioned the Fermanagh election, where unionists combined to 'keep the other side out' - and Sinn Fein lambasted the SDLP for not joining with it in a similar sectarian pact. The BBC's choice of panellists must also be faulted. Why no SDLP viewpoint?

In the recent election, Margaret Ritchie prioritised prosperity, a reconciled society, with 'a shared future' as the only logical step to an agreed Ireland - one which will require significant Protestant support. An outcome that history will show was finally arrived at by following the SDLP way.


Downpatrick, Co Down


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