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Seapark must be left alone

One would firmly support the views of your columnist Eric Waugh (August 4) and your contributor Jackie Hakin (August 15) that the attractive Seapark amenity near Holywood should remain free from building developments.

This scenic maritime landscape draws many people from both Holywood and Belfast. Yet, in spite of its value as a well-favoured recreation area, North Down Borough Council has proposed that a large slice of the land involving more than an acre should be sold off to the highest bidder.

Moreover, it is understood that this has been done without public consultation, nor has an environmental impact study been made available.

What folly is this we may say - especially when the experts are constantly reminding us that open-air exercise, as well as relaxation, remains essential for today’s generation.

Few need to be told that parkland can provide stress-free zones for young and older people alike. Wild creatures and birds also find suitable habitats there.

The Ulster Society for the Protection of the Countryside adds its voice to the conservation lobby that Seapark should remain free from development and be held in trust for public use.

In conservation terms, Seapark has an added value as a scenic landscape set amid urban surroundings.

Many will agree with Jackie Hakin that one would expect North Down Borough Council to act as a custodian of Seapark rather than out of desire for financial gain.



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