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Secretaries in schools have been forgotten

I AM one of the forgotten school secretaries NIPSA represents.

I am astonished to hear that the Civil Service lower-paid grades are to be regraded and to get up to six years' back-pay.

Why is NIPSA not fighting to upgrade school secretaries? I have been a school secretary for over 20 years and my pay has stayed static all that time, with the result that the secretary is now one of the lowest-paid staff in the school.

Our duties and responsibilities are not taken into account and no recognition is given for responsibility or confidentiality - even though we are responsible for all auxiliary and ancillary staff's time-sheets and sickness returns.

How can NIPSA say that school secretaries are fairly graded?

They have been too involved in disputes over classroom assistants and civil servants to even consider the secretarial end and because each secretary is isolated in their own school there are not enough of us to have any impact.


Co Down


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