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Sectarian chants at Linfield vs Cliftonville game

The BBC is reporting that it was both sets of fans, though it is showing a picture of stewards intervening at the Cliftonville end.

I do think that we have regressed slightly over the last year and there are more than a few NI fans concerned about things they heard at the Portugal home and Luxembourg away games.

We have all come too far to let this slip now. We need everyone to speak up and kick it out!


Any chance of saying what was sung by who? Were fans of both clubs singing songs? If not, you are making one set of fans look bad when possibly they haven't done anything.


I was at the game mate. There was a tiny number (60/70) from either side acting like idiots.

The Blues 'fans' sang the Billy Boys and burned two tricolours,

The Reds 'fans' chanted PIRA and sang "go on home," which ironically, a lot of them did after their own fans turned on them.


Sectarianism has brought the fans together many times before when they had pitched battles, off and on the pitch.


Perhaps if they banned one section of the community from taking part it would be less sectarian. Like GAA.


A normal day at an Irish League game. Sectarian singing has been a regular feature at IL games since the 40s, and will never change.


The hangers-on were booed off the stands by their own fans.

It's funny thinking that sectarianism actually brought the two sets of fans together.

No-one should be deterred from Irish league football because of a few idiots, I'd encourage people to go – it needs all the support it can get.


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