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Sectarian face paint plumbs new depths

JUST when you think you have seen the depths of sectarian decay and bigoted degeneracy into which northern society has plumbed, along comes another sectarian nugget to chill the blood.

I refer to the unbridled barbarity of the publication of a picture of a young girl with a sectarian slogan painted on her forehead and which was posted on social media (News, July 15).

The image of this girl – who is believed to be just five years old and from Belfast – had the acronym KAT (Kill All Taigs) written in red, white and blue on her face at a party. The child's mother, it seems, dismissed concerns that her children were being raised to hate Catholics.

It appears that some in northern society are prepared to tolerate standards of social and moral delinquency which in most civilised societies would be a cause of opprobrium. Are these acceptable standards to pass on to our children?

Could this be part of the "graduated unionist response" promised by First Minister Peter Robinson following the Parades Commission ruling against permitting three lodges to march a section of the Crumlin Road at Ardoyne during the return leg of the annual Twelfth parade?



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