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Sectarian politics has cost the public dearly

Northern Ireland has now had 10 years of misrule by the DUP and Sinn Fein, as your recent correspondents pointed out.

In that time, the potholes have increased in size, our health service is on the verge of collapse and vast amounts of public money continue to be wasted on various daft schemes, like RHI and the Irish language.

When the SDLP and UUP brokered the Good Friday Agreement, there was hope that things would improve. Alas, the electorate decided to abandon wisdom to the wind and voted for two tribal, extremist parties.

Neither of these parties are fit to govern. They lack tact, diplomacy and, more importantly, common sense.

As Mr Micawber, in David Copperfield, remarked: "Annual income 20 pounds, annual expenditure 19 (pounds) 19 (shillings) and six (pence), result happiness. Annual income 20 pounds, annual expenditure 20 pounds ought and six, result misery".

Certainly, we do not want to re-elect these mountebanks yet again; they have already cost us dearly, they have had their innings and are now well out for a duck.

john p taylor

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