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Security at Stormont is a joke

I was doing my usual walk (for health reasons) up the front of Stormont at around noon on September 29, from the Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.

When I reached the parliamentary security hut, where the security official had previously prevented me from going any further on several occasions, a coach was discharging passengers at the same time as I approached the hut.

I was curious, and to test the supposedly enhanced security system, I joined the party and went into the security hut. I was asked by the guard if I was with the bus party. I said I was (which wasn’t true).

There was no checking, other than being asked to empty your pockets , and no evidence of proof of identity was required. There were no further questions before I was ushered in.

I am writing this to point out that the ‘security' is a joke and the full cost of the new system has been wasted.

M L Sleith


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