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SELB change to schools is short-sighted

THE proposal to change grammar school provision in the SELB is, at least, short-sighted if not perverse.

Previously, it was held that transfer at aged 14 was a 'good' option. Apparently, now, it is not.

But wait, pupils will still transfer from an all-ability school to... another all-ability school. Why?

Logic suggests that either the junior highs become 11-16, along with Craigavon High, or Lurgan and Portadown become 11-18 all-ability schools. Without this range of pupils, none of them can deliver the complete curriculum. This is against DENI's policy, surely?

John O'Dowd, having acknowledged 40%+ pupils leave school without qualifications, asked: "What is a grammar school? They all do the same curriculum."

The answer is that no grammar school has this number of pupils leaving with no qualifications, that is why they are popular with parents.


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