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Sensible policy needed over EU migrant arrivals

According to analysis published last week by the Institute for Public Policy Research, the UK now has the second-highest flow of EU migrants in the EU.

The think-tank also said: "A large majority of European migrants are in work, but they are more likely than the general workforce to also claim in-work benefits." The topic of uncontrolled migration is incredibly important. It is not - and should not be - a taboo topic.

Is open-door immigration at current levels sensible? No, it isn't. An open door, which we currently have as members of the European Union, means no one knows how many people will arrive.

The continual flow of unskilled labour into this country is contributing to sustained lower wages, fewer permanent jobs and poorer conditions in some workplaces.

It also makes for some long-term difficulties in planning healthcare, education and assessing and meeting housing needs. It is for these reasons that Canada, as an example, now has a proper system in place that welcomes migrants, but controls the numbers in accordance with its own ability to absorb them. That is why Australia has a sensible, points and skills-based system of entry in place which similarly gives it control over quantity and quality.

This topic is particularly relevant. Much to the annoyance of Lord Rose and others in 'big business', wages will actually go up for local workers when we leave the EU.

As Ukip has long argued, we need a fair and sensible system in place, akin to the Australian model. We can start the process of addressing these issues when we leave the European Union.


Ukip Assembly candidate for East Belfast

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