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Sensible politics

European issues are important in the forthcoming Euro election; 70% of all our laws are made in Europe.

The election is an opportunity to say no to the Lisbon Treaty and reassert the sovereignty of the UK Parliament, to say no to Sinn Fein DUP carve-ups and stand-off at Stormont, to get rid off this discredited and bankrupt Labour Government.

While the Robinson dynasty may have observed the rules over expenses, given the current state of the economy, job losses and stretched family budgets, the DUP’s position on expenses is no longer just or moral. Through this election the electorate can demand transparency and demand an end to second homes in London. Why can’t these MPs stay in hotels?

It’s time for change and return to sensible centre-ground politics with real influence in London and Europe. Only a Conservative and Unionist victory can get rid of not only DUP/Sinn Fein rule, but also a bankrupt Labour Government

Bill McKendry

Strangford Ulster Unionists

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