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Setting record straight on teachers and unions

I REFER to Dale Moore's letter (Write Back, April 8). Wishful thinking and utter nonsense, Mr Moore. I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my Fruit and Fibre.

The incorrectness of your letter is easily exposed by simply listing the many schools from both state and Catholic sectors who hold their own transfer tests, and noting the huge numbers of parents who went out of their way to support them.

If you were a teacher, you would know that most serving teachers regard teaching trade union officials as people who couldn't hack the job and so had to get out.

At their big dinners and conferences - paid for by union funds - union officials could be relied on to make pronouncements that were so far removed from reality that most teachers thought they were from another planet.

Teachers largely only joined a union as an insurance policy in case a pupil made an allegation against them.

Most never bothered, or had time to read the small print, as regards policy.

The only teacher union that was ever any use in backing teachers was the NAS. The rest were largely very poor socialist mouthpieces.

Tell me, Mr Moore: Did "caring" Mrs Ruane ever make any moves to address our totally indefensible, socially divisive, dual school system? I wonder why not?

Continuing to tolerate the separation of our children and the financial waste from such an unnecessary duplication of resources is daft.

Or maybe Mrs Ruane thought that this was all right?



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