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Sexist advert degrades us all

The Advertising Standards Authority last week banned a billboard that degraded women by comparing them to cars in response to complaints from the public. This was great news for those disgusted by the sexist values the ad promotes.

What has been disappointing, however, is the local media coverage of the decision which has served only to offer exposure to the company responsible with little challenge of their ridiculous justification that their use of sexism was "just a bit of fun". I have yet to see any airing of the feelings of local people who complained about the ad, such as myself.

When women are presented as objects in this way, it contributes to maintaining a culture of misogyny that keeps women in their place as second-class citizens whose main role is to please men.

Sexist humour has been creating barriers for women for decades, as we try to be taken seriously as equal participants in society, the workplace, our homes and families.

Women must be treated with respect and not in a stereotyped way by the media and advertisers if we are to be able to feel confident and safe in our communities.




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