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Sexual assaults in Germany raise major questions

EVENTS in Cologne, Frankfurt and Hamburg at the New Year, in which more than 100 women were sexually assaulted and more robbed, raise uncomfortable questions for all European nations.

The assaults involved between 500 and 1,000 men in Cologne and were apparently carried out by men of North African, or Arab, origin.

A British victim is reported as saying that the attackers spoke neither German nor English. The conclusion is that these men were recent migrants from the Middle East.

Asylum rights rest on the basis that people from other cultures are safe to release into the cultures that accept them. These events in Germany call those assumptions into question.

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Given the widespread misogyny and gender-based violence in the cultures from which the migrants stem, European nations who accept such people are incubating major problems.

European nations, including our own, must put the security of our own citizens first. The Cologne experience makes it clear that fundamental changes will need to be made to refugee and human rights conventions.


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