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SF and Ukip same, bar support for violence

If I understand Michelle O'Neill on Radio Ulster correctly, she'd like us to see Sinn Fein as a progressive, anti-Brexit party, far removed from the isolationist DUP and Ukip.

However, Sinn Fein is closer to Ukip and Gerry Adams more like Nigel Farage than either would care to admit.

They are like two sides of the same, xenophobic coin.

Both parties have struggled to remove 'foreign' influence from their country - Sinn Fein don't want British influence in Ireland, while Ukip don't want French or German influence, and both parties succeed by stirring up division and fear between communities, but both would deny encouraging racism (Sinn Fein still tries to argue that 'Brits out' is not a racist slogan, but just try inserting another nationality instead of 'Brit' and see how it reads).

They do differ in one important aspect, however.

As far as I am aware, Ukip has never called for armed violence against the European influence and it has never supported the killing of those who oppose it, such as the murder of MP Jo Cox.

By contrast, Sinn Fein did fully support the IRA's campaign of murder against MPs and others (eg Edgar Graham) who opposed its political will.

Michelle, I choose to vote for the progressive, anti-Brexit candidate.

But this isn't Sinn Fein.



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