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SF backers in US could pay pension for these 'victims'

In recent weeks it has come to light that approximately 390 victims of the Troubles can't get a pension because Sinn Fein will only allow it if approximately 10 paramilitary "victims" are also in receipt of the same pension.

Then there was the story that Sinn Fein received in excess of £254,000 in donations from American supporters in the six months to April 2015.

In the interest of equality, peace and reconciliation, could the American supporters help 390 innocent victims of terrorism by paying the pensions of the 10 paramilitary "victims"?

A pension of £1,000 per month for the 10 paramilitary "victims" would cost Sinn Fein £120,000 per annum. This would still leave the party with £388,000 per annum arriving from America and allow 390 victims of violence to get a Government pension.


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