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SF blatantly trying to disrupt Brexit talks

Sinn Fein's reason for pulling pull out of the Executive is obvious.

They want to make it more difficult for the British to negotiate Brexit and put an extra strain on the British by blackmailing them with the peace process.

The cash for ash controversy has been going on for some time, and it is no coincidence that Stormont's imminent collapse is happening now with the onset of Brexit.

This is an outrageous carry-on and it goes some way to explaining the unfitness of Sinn Fein to be in the Executive.

Sinn Fein seem to be living in the land of the convenient and that also goes for the Irish government, who are on a grand tour of the EU to try and shore up their own position ahead of Brexit and put extra pressure on the British Government by telling other EU governments of their contempt for the British democratic decision and to cast the British in a bad light because of their Decision.They do this in the hope of squeezing the British as much as possible, because they do not like the decision made.

Enda Kenny also tried to interfere in the British referendum to decide on continued membership of the EU by trying to sway Irish votes in Britain. There would have been uproar if a British Prime Minister tried to interfere with a Irish decision on the EU.

The timing is unquestionably remarkable, with very intensive Brexit negotiations under way.

The big question is, why wait until now to pull out all the stops and bring down power-sharing? The answer is quite simple and straightforward: Brexit.


Shanbally, Co Cork

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