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SF bosses have information on soldiers' killers

In April 1984, WPC Yvonne Fletcher was murdered in London; in May 1984, two soldiers were killed in a bomb at Enniskillen and two RUC men were murdered by the PIRA at Camlough. The weapons were supplied by the Libyan regime to their revolutionary brothers in PIRA.

Do Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness support the call for the extradition of WPC Fletcher's murderers from Libya?

And when is the Secretary of State going to pursue with the same vigour the murderers of the two RUC men and the two soldiers? Do people here not qualify for the same standards as in GB? Or is it 'progress' to put murderers in government?

As Peter Robinson is prepared to provide finance for the new 'Celtic myths and legends' window at Belfast City Hall, perhaps, as a quid pro quo, he could persuade Martin McGuinness to reveal any information he has about the murderers of the aforementioned policemen and soldiers.


Ballymena, Co Antrim


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