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SF calls for £3bn EU funding to upgrade Belfast-Dublin train link

Keith Stevenson: Have to say it's a great idea. Obviously, a new line avoiding areas where closures and delays have been traditional. But the question needs asked: how come the money for building a railway from Belfast city centre to the international airport was not seen as a priority?

Ethan Fleischer: Looks like many think the main airport on the island of Ireland is in Dublin.

Keith Stevenson: Judging by the passenger numbers they handle in Dublin, it would be so. But, given the level of investment between the airports, it just shows what spending money on transport and infrastructure can achieve.

Mark Wilson: Sounds like a great idea. However, since the train appears to be constantly delayed between Newry and Portadown/Lurgan, this will never work (until they create an alternative route).

Andy Coulter: Create an alternative mindset to the numpties that create the chaos.

Chris McBurney: Would someone remind Sinn Fein that the UK is leaving the the EU, so if they get funding for their proposed Dublin to Dundalk line, it will actually take less than one hour?

John Hewitt: Can't see why the journey cannot be instantaneous. After all, they were able to do so in Star Trek - and that was well over 30 years ago. But I keep forgetting that this country is 30 years behind all others. Spend the £3bn, but avoid Lurgan.

Gerard Catney: No way will the unionists agree to it. Unite the island first, then this becomes a no-brainer.

Keith Murphy: Probably help to just divert it around Lurgan and reduce the number of security alerts.

Adam Creighton: The new border checkpoint will add time to that journey though.

Robert Gardiner: Actually, the major delays are still being caused by the Enterprise getting stuck behind the Dart at Malahide.

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