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SF fail to apply consistency on parades issue

Writing on the Sinn Fein website, North Antrim MLA Daihi McKay makes some interesting points about a loyalist band parade in Rasharkin which I have tried to apply to his party's support for the Castlederg IRA commemoration parade.

In Mr McKay's article (August 15), he questions the Parades Commission's decision to allow a loyalist band parade in Rasharkin saying that "the display of loyalist paramilitary flags is unacceptable and intimidating to the people that live here".

He states there is an "opportunity for the organisers of the parade to prevent the display of the loyalist flags. To allow them to be displayed will do unnecessary damage to community relations".

Did his party not think of these points in relation to the Castlederg parade? Did Sinn Fein not think this could be intimidating to victims and those that live there?

Did Mr McKay or anyone in Sinn Fein see that the Castlederg parade organisers had an opportunity not to jeopardise community relations? I doubt it.

T Moody


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