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SF has massive responsibility after Ronan murder

Like many others, I was absolutely devastated at hearing of the murder of Constable Ronan Kerr.

Ronan was five years younger than I am. He took the courageous step of joining the PSNI in an effort to play his part in moving our country forwards.

Those cowards who put a booby-trap bomb under his vehicle are simply beyond contempt. The word 'condemn' is not worth the paper it's written on.

The Provisional republican movement and its political leaders in Sinn Fein have immense responsibility in all of this.

Young people within republican communities are trailed along to commemorations and other such events which glamorise the violence of the past, yet they are told by the so-called 'leaders' of mainstream republicanism that to pursue such actions are no longer justifiable in today's political climate. It is this warped understanding which has us where we are. Irish republicanism and its political leaders must engage in a serious, internal dialogue with its constituency.

They must spell out once and for all that, irrespective of the grievances they may have felt against the Northern Ireland state/UK Government, they never had a right, or justification, to use the bullet or the bomb against their fellow countrymen and women.


UUP Assembly candidate Fermanagh/South Tyrone


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